Indestructible dog beds

If you are looking for indestructible dog beds then that means your lovable little pooch has already ripped apart one or two dog beds already!

Unfortunately there isn't really anything out there that is truly an indestructible dog bed, but you can get beds which make it really difficult for them to chew through, or you instead you can train them to stop chewing, training is the best way, but buying a stronger bed is the easiest!

There are basically two types of bed you should consider, there is the cushion type with an extra strong cover on it to try and stop them chewing through it, they can be good, but if your dog does manage to get through the cover then it will rip out the insides and make a huge mess.

The second kind is the 'dog cot' type of bed where there is a frame, usually metal or plastic, and then a tough fabirc stretched over that. These are good because they are not big and chewable like a normal bed, so your dog cannot get its teeth into it as easily (plus chewing on the metal poles that make up the frame is not going to be enjoyable for them!). The dog cots are not as comfy as a normal dog bed, but they do keep your dog off the hard floor to prevent joint problems, and you can put a blanket on it to make it more comfy if you want to.

Below are my top choices for (almost) indestructible dog beds that you can get easily off, and there are details for a dog training course at the bottom of the page if you want to explore that route too:

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

This is currently the top selling dog bed on, not the top selling indestructible dog bed, the top selling one out of any of them!

It is essentially a dog 'cot' rather than a bed and has a rigid metal frame around the outside, with a durable all-weather (yes this can be used indoor or outdoors) knitted fabric stretched between the frame. It also folds in half quickly for storage or transportation which is great if you are taking your dog somewhere for the weekend.

The fabric can be scratched through by a determined dog, but it is the layout which stops them chewing it as it does not give them any nice open places to start chewing like with a normal bed, and there is no filling for them to get out and throw everywhere to make a huge mess.

At the moment you can get 20% off at Amazon and it is great value for money at just over 30 dollars and it has fantastic reviews. Add a blanket to this and you have a tough and comfy bed your dog will struggle to chew through.


Comfort Pet Products Tough Dog Bed

This is the cushion type of indestructible dog bed, with a lot more padding to it and an extra tough cover on it to stop your dog chewing through it. It also has a hidden zipper to stop an inquisitive dog getting inside that way and ripping out the stuffing and you get a handle on the side to move it around which is a nice touch.

This is more expensive than the Coolaroo bed, coming in at just shy of 70 dollars, but it is comfy, claims to be 'almost indestructible' and has a solid 5 star review from someone with a Golden Retriever pup who chews beds and is really pleased with it!



So buying indestructible dog beds is a temporary measure because I am sure your dog chews through things other than his/her bed, the more permanent solution is to train your dog not to chew everything in sight!




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